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Shenzhen yeniu automation equipment co., LTD is one specialized is engaged in the solar cell automatic welding equipment research and development, assembly, commissioning, sales and after sales in the integration of high-tech companies, mainly to the current high labor costs in solar industry, the enterprise burden, the burden on enterprises, but also for component enterprises to increase market competition and development of battery automatic series welding machine '

The company, based on customer, innovation, continuous improvement, quality first. Keep promise, customer first business philosophy, pragmatic, efficient, honest team spirit, in use for the customer's questions and comments, we will continue efforts to improve, to meet customer requirements.

In today's increasing demand for clean energy, in the photovoltaic business grow increasingly today, for the sky bluer, the water cleaner, more green trees, we'd like to like-minded friends with all of you work together, work together, create beautiful tomorrow,      

13510235822 Wang Bo (Deputy General Manager)
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Address: Shenzhen,Songgang,39 East Road, East Ying Ying Industrial Zone, A floor, building 2
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