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YN-600 (30-156*156mm series welding)

1 Overview
   This equipment is to use the welding strip in accordance with the requirements of the solar cells for welding and into a string for the laying of the equipment used. 【Features】
   1. The whole chip and slice the battery can be welded, slice the smallest width of the battery is 30mm;
   2. High degree of automation, simple operation, reliable operation, low noise;
   3. Using infrared light module on the overall heating of the battery chip welding, welding strip and the combination of good conditions in the battery, welding strength;
   4. Uniform heating battery, low rate of fragments;

3. Action description
   1. Place the battery pack in the cell supply box. There are three cartridges. If necessary, put the same size, same width but different shape.
   2. Place the welding tape on the supply shaft and manually pull the welding tape through the flux bath, shaping device, pressing device, bending device, shearing device, etc. as required.
   3. After the welding strap is installed, cut the two or three times of the welding tape manually to cut off the bad part of the welding ribbon and ensure the welding ribbon is normal.
   4. After pressing the start button, the welding tape gripper pulls to fetch the welding strip, the welding belt passes through the bending, after cutting, is pulled to the hypothesis position.
   5. Lights down, the use of lamps below the pressure will be pressed to suppress the band, this time with the welding jaw loosened, put down the tape, and retreat back to open the welding position.
   6. The lifting device below the battery supply box rises, and the battery pack in the supply box rises to the set position.
   7. Take the cylinder cylinder down, draw the battery chip, sensor to the suction after the success of the lower part of the hoist motor for the drop, the wind knife blade action, so that the battery piece smooth separation.
   8. Take the tablet axis movement Move the battery sheet to the top of the positioning platform, take the cylinder down to prevent the battery chip to the positioning platform.
   9. Positioning platform X, Y-axis cylinder action, the positioning of the battery chip.
   10. Slices the cylinder to drop, draws up the battery piece, and moves the battery slice with the taking piece axis to place on the welding platform.
   11. Under the welding platform, the conveying mechanism is raised, and the battery sheet is moved horizontally, the battery sheet is transported to the welding position, and then the conveying mechanism is lowered to place the battery sheet on the welding position of the welding platform.
   12. WELDING BAND MECHANISM A second tape is placed on the cell sheet.
   13. Lights down, hold down the welding tape, welding with the clamping jaw release, back; lamps once again fell to the welding height, began welding.
   14. After welding is complete, the lamp is lifted, and the transfer mechanism conveys the welded cell back to a position waiting for the arrival of the next cell.
   15. Repeat steps 4 through 14 until the entire string of cells is welded.
   16. The completed battery string is conveyed by the conveying mechanism to the battery string take-out position, the reclaiming balance rod cylinder descends, sucks the battery piece and then rises, and rotates the motor to turn the battery string to turn over.
   17. Horizontal movement of the cylinder backwards, so that the battery discharge balance bar to move to the top of the material balance bar, the discharge motor down, so that the material on the balance bar sucker suck the battery string, then take the material on the balance bar The vacuum battery valve operates to release the battery string. The discharge motor rises to the set position.
   18. Horizontal moving cylinder moves forward, so that the material balance rod moved to the top of the receiving tray, the discharge motor down, the battery string placed to the receiving tray, the end of a working cycle.

5. Product Applicability
   1. Cell: for 3 or 4 grid; 30 ~ 156mm × 156mm single crystal silicon. Polycrystalline silicon cells. Cell thickness requirements of not less than 180 microns
   2. Felt: Material: tin-plated copper. A width of 1.6 to 2.0 mm, and a thickness of 0.12 to 0.23 mm. Reel packaging, axis diameter of 16mm, 1 ~ 5Kg / volume.
   3. Flux: low-solids residual no-clean flux.

6. Details of each part
   6.1 Cell feed turntable mechanism
       1. The battery plate feed turntable mechanism is composed of the material box, the indexing device and the jack-up motor three parts;
       2. A total of three boxes, installed in the indexing device, evenly set in the rotary indexer rotation direction;
       3. Indexer can be 120 degrees of rotation of the cartridge to the need to withdraw from the corresponding material box;
       4. Under the material box, the lift motor can lift and lower the battery slice in the cartridge to facilitate the pick-up and separation of the battery.
   6.2 Cell Transfer Mechanism
       A battery sheet conveying mechanism is composed of a feeding shaft, a reclaiming cylinder, a correction platform and a feeding cylinder;
       2. Feeding shaft is used to drive the reclaiming cylinder and discharging cylinder,
       3. Retrieve cylinder Remove the cell sheet from the supply box and place it on the position correction table.
       4. Correct the X-Y cylinder on the platform to correct the position of the cell, so that all the cells are in the same position.
       5. Slicing cylinder Remove the cell sheet from the position alignment plate and place it on the welding platform.
   6.3 Welding tape supply mechanism
       1. The welding tape supply part is composed of a welding tape feeding motor, a welding tape inductive sensor, a welding tape shaping device, a welding tape pressing device, a welding belt bending device, a welding tape cutting device and the like;
       2. The welding tape supply motor automatically rotates according to the signal provided by the welding tape sensor to supply the welding tape until the welding tape inductive sensor feeds back a signal of the welding tape in place;
       3. The ribbon induction sensor provides a signal for the welding tape feed motor to start or stop the motor.
       4. The welding tape shaping device is used for pressing the welding tape in the process of stretching and shaping of the welding tape so as not to move;
       5. The strap-tightening device is used to fix the welding tape after the welding ribbon is cut, so that it does not shrink backward;
       6. Belt bending device is used to fold the welding strap a small "Z" -shaped bend, so that the welding strap can be better with the front and rear solar cells to overlap;
       7. Welding tape cutting device is used to cut off the welding tape.
   6.4 Flux supply mechanism
       The flux is used for the exclusive coating process, ie the flux (liquid) is sprayed on the grid line of the cell beforehand with a specific automatic device before the string welding operation, and then transported to the film feeding (transfer) mechanism through the transport platform. The use of this technology can effectively increase the welding strength, reduce the fragmentation rate, and the finished product surface is smooth and clean, leaving no flux residue. ;
   6.5 Welded Pulling Mechanism
       1. The welding ribbon pull-out mechanism is composed of a welding jaw, a jaw rotating mechanism,
       2. Gripper strap is used to clamp the welding strap, is the welding band along with the movement of the device jaw;
       3. Gripper rotation mechanism is used to carry out a small angle of jaw rotation to facilitate the welding of the gripping and down;
       4. The ribbon pull-out shaft is used to place the welding jaw and jaw rotation mechanism, and with them to move, pull out the welding band.
   6.6 Cell preheating and welding platform mechanism
       1. Cell preheating and welding platform from the two small platform splicing together, each small platform below have an independent heating pipe and temperature control device;
       2. Welding platform welding surface made of anodic coating, and covered with high temperature Teflon film, in order to ensure that the surface of the solder will not stick tin.
   6.7 Welding luminaire bodies
       1. Welding lamp body is composed of welding lamp and lamp lifting shaft two parts;
       2. Welding lamp is my company recently developed infrared light source module, with high heating efficiency, heating uniformity and other advantages;
       3. Lift shaft for welding, so that the lamp up and down according to the need for action.
   6.8 Battery string transfer mechanism
       1. The battery sheet conveying mechanism is composed of a vertical up and down ejector rod and a horizontal conveying shaft;
       2. In the transmission of the battery string, vertical up and down the top of the battery string from the top or lower, so leave or placed in the welding platform;
       3. The horizontal axis is used to drive the battery string horizontally. Generally, the distance is equal to the width of the cell and the width of the gap between the cells.
   6.9 Battery string reversing mechanism
       A battery string reversing mechanism is composed of a battery string reclaiming lever, a lifting cylinder, a reversing motor and the like;
       2. Battery string to take the material to flip the bar for the hollow aluminum, in which the installation of a flexible EVA material, and open two rows of holes, to flip the battery adsorption on the strings;
       3. After the sucker on the flip-bar has snapped the battery string, the lifting cylinder moves the battery string away from the conveying platform surface;
       4. After the lift cylinder is in place, the toggle motor starts and the balance bar is rotated by the pulley, which in turn causes the battery string to turn 180 °.
   6.10 battery string discharge mechanism
       1. A battery string discharging mechanism is composed of a discharging upper cylinder, a horizontal moving cylinder, a discharging bar and a receiving material platform;
       2. Discharging by the fan, on which the installation of a flexible EVA material, used to absorb the battery on the flip mechanism string;
       3. Discharge rod down movement, close to the flip lever to suck live flip bar on the battery string;
       4. After the ejector rod sucks the battery string on the reversing mechanism, the ejector rod moves upward, moves the cylinder horizontally and moves the ejector rod to the top of the receiving platform;
       5. Discharging the upper and lower cylinders to move again, down to the set height, the battery string placed in the receiving platform within the receiving tray.
7. Motion control system
   1. This machine controller uses the Japan Panasonic Corporation to produce the programmable controller.
   2. The machine through the Taiwan-lun through the company's 10-inch touch screen to set the parameters, action debugging and other operations.
   3. There are buttons and switches on the machine to run the machine, pause, home reset, emergency stop and other control steps.
   4. Two temperature control modules are used to control the temperature of the welding base plate and the welding point. The temperature of the bottom plate is generally 90-150 ℃.
   5. Welding lamp module power through the controller analog output control, according to the need to control the output ratio of temperature control, the maximum heating temperature of up to 400 ℃.
   6. The operating status of the machine is indicated by a 3-color indicator. When the red LED is on, the yellow LED will indicate that the device is ready to be stopped or paused. If the green LED is on, it indicates that the device is running normally. The indicator light will be accompanied by the corresponding buzzer beep.

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