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YN-1200 (30-156*156mm series welding)

1. An overview of the
YN - 1200 model is the YN - 600 equipment upgrade, the efficiency is twice the YN - 600. Equipment structure and movement basic remain unchanged, but the operation is more stable, all the upgrade of software and hardware, and create greater economic benefits for our customers.

3. The basic specifications
1. Overall dimensions: length width of 4170 mm x 4170 mm x 1700 mm. (except for the height of the warning light)
2. Weight: 1500 Kg.
3. The power supply requirements: three phase 380 v, 50 hz, 30 a. Need to connect the neutral line and reliable grounding.
4. Air pressure: 0.5 MPa above clean dry air, the average consumption is less than 300 litres/minute, vacuum system adopts vacuum generator and fan.
5. Using the environment: 15 ~ 30 ℃, humidity is less than 90%.
6. Operation speed: the highest 3.6 seconds/piece.
7. Fragment rate: 3 ‰, or less (for cell without secondary sorting, for authentic porn).
8. After welding cell thief: + / - 0.3 mm or less.
9. The distance between the cell: 2 ~ 20 mm + / - 0.1 mm, can be adjusted according to requirements.
10. Each string of cell number, length: about 156 whole cell, maximum cell number per bunch of 12 slices. Slice for batteries, the minimum width not less than 30 mm. The longest of all the battery string length less than 1900 mm.
4. Product applicability
1. The cell: suitable for gate 3 and 4 gate, 5 bar (optional); 30 ~ 156 mm x 156 mm of monocrystalline silicon. Polysilicon batteries. Battery slice thickness for not less than 180 microns
2. The welding zone: material: tin plated copper belt. Width 1.6 ~ 2.0 mm, thickness 0.12 ~ 0.23 mm. Axis of reel packaging, 16 mm in diameter, 1 ~ 5 kg/roll.
3. The flux: low solid residue no clean flux.
5. All parts in detail
5.1 cell feed wheel
1. The cell feed wheel mechanism is made up of material box, protractor and jack-up motor of three parts;
2. The material box of a total of four, installed on the protractor, uniform set rotating protractor in circumferential direction;
3. The protractor can be 90 degrees of rotation will bin, based on the needs from the corresponding box material;
4. The box at the bottom of the jack-up motor can be material box cell on the top of rise and fall, to facilitate cell loot and separation.
5.2 cell transmission mechanism
1. The cell transmission mechanism by, take material cylinder, feeding shaft calibration platform, the feed cylinder four parts;
2. The feed shaft used to drive the feeding and feeding cylinder, cylinder is cell move;
3. Taking cylinder are taken from the feed box cell and place it in position calibration platform;
4. Calibration platform of x-y cylinder for battery position correction, make all battery position is consistent;
5. Put a piece of cylinder from position calibration platform cell will be removed and placed in welding platform.
5.3 welding supply mechanism
1. The welding zone supply department by supply motor, welding and welding with sensor, with plastic welding equipment, welding bending apparatus with clamp device, welding, welding and parts such as shear apparatus;
2. The welding zone supply motor according to welding with sensor signal, automatic rotation, in order to supply welding zone, until a welding with welding with sensor feedback signal in place of so far;
3. The welding with induction sensor for welding with supply motor signal, makes the motor start or stop;
4. Welding with plastic device is used in the welding process with tensile plastic welding with medium pressure tight, so do not move;
5. With clamp device is used for welding in the welding with fixed welding after the completion of the shear band, make it not shrink back;
6. Welding with bending device is used to weld with folding a tiny "Z" shaped bend, better able to make the welding and the overlapping cells before and after;
7. Welding with shear device is used to weld with shearing.
5.4 flux feed mechanism 
    The flux is used for the exclusive coating process, ie the flux (liquid) is sprayed on the grid line of the cell beforehand with a specific automatic device before the string welding operation, and then transported to the film feeding (transfer) mechanism through the transport platform. The use of this technology can effectively increase the welding strength, reduce the fragmentation rate, and the finished product surface is smooth and clean, leaving no flux residue. ;
5.5 welding pull with institutions
1. The welding belt pull mechanism is made by welding with grip, grip rotating mechanism, welding belt pull out parts such as shaft;
2. The welding with welding with grip is used for clamping, welding is take as the grip with movement of the device;
3. The rotation mechanism is used to grip the grip of a small Angle of rotation, to facilitate welding with picking up and down;
4. Welding belt pull shaft is used to put welding with grip and rotation mechanism, the clamping jaw movement, and bring them to pull out of the welding zone.
5.6 battery slice of preheating and welding platform
1. The battery slice of preheating and welding platform is composed of two small patchwork, each small platform below are independent of the heating and temperature control device;
2. Welding platform of the surface of the weld zone did anode coating processing, and in the covered teflon high temperature resistant film, to ensure that the surface not adhered tin when welding.
5.7 welding institution of lamps and lanterns
1. Welding institution of lamps and lanterns is consists of two parts, elevator shaft welding lamps and lanterns and lamps and lanterns;
2. The welding of lamps and lanterns is my company recently developed infrared light source module, heat with high efficiency, uniform heating, etc; (3) when the lift shaft is used for welding of lamps and lanterns, the lamps and lanterns is according to the need to move up and down.
5.8 battery string of transport mechanism
1. The battery string transmission adopts teflon level of synchronous belt transmission. Each transmission distance for the width of the cell and the width of the seam. This kind of transfer structure
Saved a drawstring institutions take the traditional structure of welding zone waiting time, thereby improving the survival of efficiency.
5.9 battery string flip agencies
1. The battery is strung together, string together taking flip flip agencies by batteries rod, cylinder, flip top motor parts;
2. The battery string material taking flip lever for the hollow extrusions, on which the installed a piece of elastic EVA material, and has two rows of holes, used to turn adsorption mechanism on battery series;
3. On the flip lever sucker to live after the battery string, jack-up cylinder action from battery string transfer platform surface;
4. On top of a cylinder in place, flip, motor start through the pulley turn makes the balance beam, which in turn drives the battery string turn 180 °.
5.10 battery string discharge mechanism
1. The battery string discharging mechanism by discharging cylinder, horizontal movement up and down cylinder, the feeding screw and material of platform;
2. The material is composed of fan, on which the installed a piece of elastic EVA material, and used to turn adsorption mechanism on battery series;
3. The discharge rod downward movement, close to flip lever, turned to learn live stem battery series;
4. On the flip agencies discharge stem battery string after adsorption live, discharging pole upward movement, horizontal moving cylinder, use material rod moved to the top in the receiving platform;
5. The material up and down cylinder action again, down to set the height, place the battery string to receiving in the receiving platform in the pan.
6. The motion control system
1. The machine controller produced by panasonic programmable controller.
2. The machine by Taiwan wei lun tong company production of 10 inch touch screen for parameter setting and debugging operations such as actions.
3. The machine has a button and switch on the machine can be run, pause, origin of reset, such as emergency stop control steps.
4. The machine is used for welding plate by two-way temperature control module of preheating temperature and welding the two points to control the temperature, the temperature of the floor general heating to 90 ~ 150 ℃.
5. Welding of lamps and lanterns is simulated by the controller module power output control, according to the need to control the output proportional to the temperature control, the highest temperature can reach 400 ℃.
6. The machine running state with 3 color indicator for instructions. Red lights downtime, yellow lights to suspend, equipment work or green lights said equipment are normal operation. The indicator will be accompanied by corresponding buzzer beep.
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