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YN-3000B (7-52mm width series welding)

1. Scope
    1.1 This specification to Automatic Silicon Solar Cells Welding Machine (modelYN3000-B).
    1.2 For improving performance purpose, this specification is subject to change according to pre-agreement established between us;
    1.3 Hardware and software or manufacturing process may subject to change for improvements within the range of the specifications;

2. Sketch
   2.1  Overview  
        The utility model is used for automatically connecting 1, 2,3 or the solar cell pieces of the grid line of the 4 wires into a battery string according to the setting parameter.
        The electric soldering iron; reciprocating check transfer mechanism; Flux Exclusive Coating process; automatic feeding and belt. After welding completed battery string (optional) automatic receiving

   2.2 Features
 High automation degree; safe ,reliable and convenient operation
 Automatically adjust the soldering action according to the preset system
 The cells in good electric conductivity after welding
 Short soldering time; good energy conservation; high intensity of fusion

3. General Specifications
    3.1 Applicable Cells
        39mmx8-30,mm,52mm×8~30mm、62.5×8~30mm、 78×8~30mm、104×8~30mm、125×8~30mm、156×8~30mm
    3.2 Applicable Ribbons
        Thickness: 100μm~160μm,
        Width :1.6~2.0mm
        Texture: plated with copper wire, leaded/lead free
    3.3 Applicable Flux:
        No-clean flux, without halogen element 
    3.4 String parameter :
 Cells pitch:1.5mm~10mm(adjustable)
 Surface: clean, leveling shade
    3.5 Operator:
        Their job responsibilities are:
        Putting cells into the feeding magazine
        Replacing the ribbon reel
        Taking cells out of the receiving magazine after soldering
    3.6 Operation Environment
        Temperature   0℃~35℃
         Humidity         20%~80%RH
    3.7 Dimension:1600mm×1350mm×1650mm(L×W×H)
    3.8 Weight:    approximately 1000Kg

4. Mechanical&Electric Specification
    4.1 Main parts
        4.1.1 Feeding units: 
              Double lifting feeding system; 39/52/62.5/78 4 material box, other material box size 2. Pack 100 / box.
              Anti lamination: learn to control the battery when feeding down and delay, prevent the suction head a draw of two wafers.
        4.1.2 Auto-loading device
              The AC servo motor drives the load transfer absorbing device to move at high speed, and the displacement system has vacuum suction releasing device.
         4.1.3 Preheat units
               Heating mode:
               Heating mode: the whole heating, take the PID operation control electric heater, thermostat.
         4.1.4 Ribbon units
               Feeding and cutting off automatically, aligning ribbon through s-shape straightened device. The pulleys of tab is progressive.
               Lead-out: AC servo motor
        Lead-out folder: pneumatic nipper
        Cutting-off: pneumatic nipper
         4.1.5 Flux units
               The flux is used for the exclusive coating process, ie the flux (liquid) is sprayed on the grid line of the cell beforehand with a specific automatic device before the string welding operation, and then transported to the film feeding (transfer) mechanism through the transport platform. The use of this technology can effectively increase the welding strength, reduce the fragmentation rate, and the finished product surface is smooth and clean, leaving no flux residue. ; 
         4.1.6 Soldering units
               There is suction hole under the welding table, and the battery sheet is adsorbed on the welding table under the action of vacuum.
               The turbine with high frequency electric soldering iron, the temperature range can be adjusted precisely. Can complete two welding, complete single welding and serial welding work.
         4.1.7 Transfer units
               Adopting the cam reciprocating transmission mechanism, the double servo system drives the cam and the transmission shaft to move at high speed.
               The conveying rod is provided with sucking holes for vacuum adsorption to prevent transmission displacement.
    4.2 Electric Specification
        4.2.1 Power:
              AC-380V 50/60Hz 
              AC380V 50/60Hz  3相5线
        4.2.2 Air compressed:
              The pressure is not less than 0.5Mpa traffic: more than 60L/ minutes
        4.2.3 Vacuum: 
              Vacuum generator
        4.2.4 Operation Temperature:

5. Operation      
     The operator put the battery plate on the feeding bin (a total of 2 feed bin, the recommended amount not to exceed 100 tablets / warehouse).
     The automatic load transfer device crawls the battery sheet to the preheating welding area.
     Welding belt conveyor assembly to ensure the automatic supply of welding tape, automatic shear section, ensure continuous welding action.
     High frequency welding zone turbine electric soldering iron welding device, and the chip to complete the battery positive and negative, can complete the welding and welding work on a single.
     The battery pack after welding is continuously output by the matched reciprocating conveying device.
     The system can automatically adjust the welding action according to the number of string tab preset, the battery output reached on requirements of the number of tabs on.

6. Basic specification
   6.1 soldering speed
       Average speed 4.5sec/ beat. About 2500 pieces / hour (single grid wire cut battery sheet) or 1250 pieces / hour (two grid or three grid cutting battery sheet), integrated various chip type stable string welding efficiency of 2500 pieces / hour. Note: the above data is based on a single battery count
   6.2 breakage ratio ≤3-5‰ (this data is based on the company's internal operating test statistics, does not contain the battery itself is bad)
   6.3 contact error
       ≤0.3mm(this device is according to the shape, if the battery plate grid line printing or cutting problem, cause the battery plate of the main gate line itself position deviation is big, it may cause the large welding zone and the main gate line deviation, and the thief problem. The deviation is less than or equal to 0.3mm refers to the main gate line position of the battery products).

7. Control Device
   7.1 Operation control
       PLC storage operation procedures and data processing
       Man-machine interface data input, parameter input operation
   7.2 Aligning control
       Welding belt conveyor calibration: the purpose is to make the tape and the main line of the battery overlap.
       Welding mechanism calibration: the purpose of the welding nozzle accurately pressed to the welding belt.
       The replacement of the battery piece specification adjustment: adjust the feed box width
       Different specifications of cell spacing - degree and welding mechanism, welding belt conveying mechanism to adapt to the
   7.3 Setting control
       Welding temperature setting the user can adjust the welding temperature through the high-frequency turbine controller panel
       The user can set the production parameters of single series cell size, spacing and number
   7.4 Alarm
       The following situation will occur alarm:
     There is a trouble
     Material is running out
     Red signal: it means that a mistake occurred. Stop the machine and sound alarm, need manual handling.
     Yellow signal:
     Green signal: 

8. Installation and trial run
   Provide free on-site installation and commissioning, technical training (limited to mainland China)

9. Warranty policy
   Warranty period is 12 months, during which the design and manufacture as a result of the failure, free repair, life-long maintenance.
      The surface changes caused by long time (the outer surface of the color black, local rust, paint etc.);
      The causes of the earthquake, fire and other force majeure problems;
      The fault caused by the change of environment;
      The fault caused by incorrect use of the user;
      without the consent of the company, the customer for equipment       modification, produced by the decomposition of fault;
      The fault caused by the unqualified parts replacement;
      I go over the scope of fault set specifications of equipment used by the;
      The consumables due to the use of a long time lead to failure caused by damage;
      The other can not determine the cause of the failure attribution of the negotiation.

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